A Tribute to Stephen T. Busby PhD, my Master Mentor and Friend

Dr. Randall George

A Tribute to
Stephen Thomas Busby PhD
My Master Mentor and Friend
Stephen T. Busby PhD  is my friend, master mentor and what can be. 
This is a gratification piece about Stephen.

His life has been punctuated by champion moments in many different categories.  As teacher, coach, athletic director, mind coach, life coach, college professor, alternative education specialist, National Champion and the list continues.

Please read the lines, and see the connecting fibers between each action.

Learn how he has accomplished so many prestigious acknowledgements so unselfishly.

Realize how many others have benefited from his influence and why so many seek his teachings and wisdom.

Feel how much I appreciate his integrity, character, focus, support, encouragement, belief, inspiration and mentor’s wisdom.

Dr. Randall George Nozawa
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