Collection: 2017 New Year Collection, 3 Scrolls.

Dr. Randall George Nozawa

This        “ 2017 New Year Collection ”  

contains 3 Scrolls which fit the mood of a new year.:

*Made Mistakes or Just Needing Help,     **New You Resolution,  
and       ***Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony              

For the average person, the anticipation of another uninspiring year with the same old bills, undesirable job, irritating spouse, disruptive low achieving child, and existing and not thriving, wears them down toward discontent and self-directed disappointment.

Made Mistakes or Just Needing Help*

How to use tragedy, failure and fear to create riches.  God is fearful and painfully saddened how humankind has evolved. This piece is to get you to realize what you already know to be true. 

New You Resolution**

This comprehensive program is meant to transform your thinking, your hard core beliefs, and allow you to see the world differently so you can enjoy successes where you haven’t before.

Love Peace Joy Harmony***

How to come from this place to make the darkness light and to find prosperity disguised as misfortune. This piece is on high energy, positive and uplifting emotions which can not only change years of frustration and failure but make clearer the open door hiding inside of disappointment and fear.


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