My Team

Stephen T. Busby,  my true friend, business associate and Master Mentor. 
MA.Ed and PhD Certificate in Leadership and Personal Development
Twenty eight plus years in public education, also, 25 years as a university faculty.   Teacher, Alternative Education Program Specialist, Coach, Athletic Director, Principal, Sports Skills Specialist, Health Club Owner / Operator / Instructor, Rehabilitation Specialist, Trainer of Children age 4 to Adults age 80. Traumatic Events Consultant, Life Coach, Parachute Jumper, Springboard Diving Champion, Scuba Diver, State - Regional - National Martial Arts Gold Medalist, Repeatedly requested State Conference Speaker, International Recording Musician, Master Mentor, Entrepreneur.  An exceptional mind coach.


Justin T. Busby, CIO,    Chief Information Officer.  Our Internal corporate technology adviser / consultant and technician.


Pastor Dean Ishiki of San Francisco and Honolulu enriches lives and creates hope with the teachings of God, and Jesus with additional enlightenment from the Immutable Universal laws.  A former All Star High School football player and Defensive Back for Redlands University he traded anger and deep internal pain for sharing love and understanding to all whom he meets. One of Dr. Randall's spiritual teachers.


Alena Nozawa, daughter, Director and videographer for Dr. Randall George Face Book Success Strategies, Postings and YouTube Dr. Randall Channel, Success TV Show.  Certified Yoga Instructor and Internationally trained Belly Dancer.  Love and support.


Olivia Nozawa, daughter, Director and videographer for Dr. Randall George Face Book Success Strategies, Postings and YouTube Dr. Randall Channel, Success TV Show. An artist and Art Therapist.  Love and support.  


Debra Ruh:  A world advocate for the benefits of employing the disabled.  An influential speaker to over 7 world countries  Offering podcast within Human Potential at Work, which can be found on her web site:     She has been a business and spiritual mentor encouraging and assisting my company's progress.


Tony DUrso:  Tony has been instrumental in placing me before 10,000 listeners on his Radio Talk Show entitled Revenue Chat.  I am honored with his offering to place me in his book titled  Elite Entrepreneurs  which was released January 2017.  Please take advantage of over 80 Free pod casts listed on his site.  Please rate the iTunes viewing when asked.  Notice his donations to the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.  

Tony's Contact information made easy by multiple accesses listed below.

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Tony DUrso can be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and on our company list of valued associates.


Debra K. Nozawa:  CEO, Ruston Chapel.  Executive Director of Picasso Catering Company.


Professor, Tim McCorcle M.B.A.:   Instructor, University of Washington School of Business.  Board member, Washington Council for the Blind.  Event Chair, Ski For Light, SFL is an international organization which brings together the blind and disabled, worldwide, to the U.S. for cross country skiing and fellowship.


Suzanne Carey:  Executive Director of Marketing and Art Coordination of Todahl Design and Printing. She is, also, a spiritual teacher.


Dr Michael Wong: Stanford University and Indiana Dental School, Orthodontist.  Voted Best Specialist in Honolulu and advocate for those injured or disfigured needing Orthodontia for cosmetic and functional rehabilitation.


 Sunshine Whitton:  Friend, business associate, internet marketer, author on improving memory, empathetic, loving, and compassionate man for others overwhelmed with set backs or challenges.  Former owner of a video company organizing and producing commercial video packages.  Has filmed my performances and presentations. You are a welcome addition, Sunshine.