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Our Fees can be adjusted based on distance from presenter's headquarters.

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Professional and Personal Development Services.

I.  Professional services.  For increased profits,

owner clarity of vision, medium and long term goals, employee development,

efficiency of systems, and positive contribution of the supply chain will be


An initial 45 minute free strategy  session 

will define where you want to take your company, where you are stuck now,

and possible paths forward.

Fees; thereafter, will be based on the size and scope of the project

or desire, length of time needed, and, if in person, presence, travel, and

lodging is required.


II. Personal development This includes the 4 Pillars of successful living.

I. Health.   II. Relationships. III.  Avocation including job or career.

IV. Time and Money Freedom.   All 4 Pillars will be reviewed

and your selection of what is most needed  and in what order will be  used

to ensure what you are wanting to accomplish.   An initial 45 minute free

strategy session is provided  to gather information, pinpoint the problem to

solve, and to gather possible solutions. Fees, thereafter, will be based on

the size and scope of the outcome wanted, time needed, and in person

presence, travel, and lodging, if beneficial. 


NEW! Couples Harmony formerly called Couples Counseling.

This 13 step program is what you have been searching for to finally experience the

harmony that has been missing in spite of the attraction. 


For Start Ups and Nonprofits,  the free 45 minute

strategy session will clarify your wants and suggestions for a path forward

provided. Fees thereafter  will be based on the size and scope of the

project, time required, and if in person presence, travel, and lodging is