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Posted by Dr. Randall George Nozawa on July 07, 2016 . 2 Comments

First, thank you very much for my patient and loyal following.  We have two items available on the site.  One is free.  I have over 70 others which are in the proof-read stages.

If my emails, facebook, youtube videos, or linkedin posts have provided you with understanding or happiness, please post to this blog.

Always sending the most positive thoughts and energy to you, for you.

Dr. Randall G. Nozawa and Associates


To each of you, wishes for a year of success and happiness from action choices. Dr. Randall has much to share with you. I just want to notify all, the Blog Name has been updated. It is: Blind Slight. We are preparing a link so you can receive updates automatically ( but only if you choose) We want you in control. Best regards, Stephen T. Busby PhD
Posted by Stephen T. Busby PhD on January 02, 2017
May you have whatever kind of year you choose. Dr. Randall’s radio interview is on his web site , drrandallgeorge.com. The interviewer was told by his producer it was one of his best interviews ever. Take advantage of the free books offered by Randall. With Positive Energy Stephen.
Posted by Stephen T. Busby PhD on January 02, 2017

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