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Posted by Dr. Randall George Nozawa on February 01, 2018 . 6 Comments

Welcome to Blind Sight, February 2018  and you will want to stick around for

this one and to also tell your friends. Dr. Randall George here and most of

you who have done that New Year Resolution thing and have again  abandoned

it, take time to visualize what you had wanted, how it would feel to have

accomplished it or you becoming the  improved version of yourself, and to

continue by repeating those habits for permanent placement of what you were

desiring. So don't give up and instead, make it priority to making that

cause ultra important, giving it life, and incorporating that new life into

yours. So keep on keeping on. Those of you following me and my work, know

what I do. The remainder of this Blind Sight Blog  is to tell you and

whomever  is desiring  transformational change  is that though people label

me as a Professional and Personal development advisor, I am quite simply a

Business and Life Mastery Coach. I work with small and large businesses and

organizations, families, couples, adolescent youth, abused females, those in

the throes of PtSD, those with chronic pain and chronic fatigue, gut and

digestion disturbances, apathy and hopelessness, those recovering from

substance addiction, and many searching for their spiritual path.  For me,

the business of finance and the business of thriving living is the same

because honesty is required to identify the obstacles,  the inner psychology

or one's story of how the world should work,  the vision or dream desired,

strategies that have not produced the results wanted, and  commitment to a

new plan or system that will get you from where you are currently, to where

you want to end up. Simply and basically, I am a Coach  and must have the

necessary information to first determine your inner game, your psychology or

story, then to allowing for your growth and the outcomes  you are expecting.

As you know, I ask lots of questions because, the better the question, the

better the answer. Most people do not know what to ask of themselves and

usually  unwilling to create necessary and permanent  changes in their

thoughts, feelings, and actions, to get what they are desiring most. This is

where I come in and always supported by my Team. As you already know, Dr.

Stephen Thomas Busby, Doc Buzz,  Master Mentor, is present to review

information gathered, give alternative solutions, and adding to the richness

of the solution making process. At TKI, thoroughness  and results that stick

is what you are wanting and what we deliver. People do not pay for coaching

but rather for the results they are envisioning.  Why most fail in their New

Year Resolutions, goal achievement, loving and long lasting relationships,

in enjoying optimal health  at the weight desired, and in time and money

freedom  is that they cannot envision it and do not believe that it is

possible.  And automatically falling back to who they are and into their

comfort zones. Your best and worst enemy is your Subconscious mind, or this

is also called your inner psychology, your story, your rules, your

prejudices, and the feelings that you attach to  these convictions.  Think

of this as a Thermostat or Autopilot. Deviation a few degrees will

automatically trigger the back to normal homeostasis  setting. This is your

comfort zone or what you would call your normal self, thinking, feeling, and

doing what you normally do. However, as the most complex animal ever made,

we were given unlimited potential for expansion and growth. Like anything in

Nature, anything new will replace the old, but what  was the previous

standard and norm, will not easily go away allowing for the change that you

are wanting. Here, effective coaching  is required so you can fully enjoy a

permanent transformation in thinking, feelings attached to those thoughts,

and the new habits supporting the new mind/body paradigm. I love what I do

and many say that I am very good at it. This is due to my commitment to your

transformation because even though this is my business, my intent is to

serve you at the best of my ability and to help  you achieve what you desire

most. It could be money, love, physical and emotional health,  the closest

of relationships,  and time freedom, but you have sought out coaching

because change is much harder to accomplish  than expected. So call me your

Coach, Agent of change, Transformpreneur,  or the guy who helped you get

what you were wanting. You, most, could not do it on your own,  or you would

have done it by now.  Luckily, I have dedicated my life to affecting

permanent change in others and so too has S. T. Busby, PhD. Obviously  I

earn an income from my services and though results vary, I stand by your

transformation. Everyone is different as you know and the combination of

high intensity intention, commitment, and conviction,  affect outcomes.

Knowing this, it  is up to me to properly assess your inner psychology, the

hidden obstacles, the hidden restrictive rules, and to replacing them  with

the belief and convictions congruent with the new you and who you become.

The time for you is, right now! Saying, Yes to you, is psychologically

antagonistic  because most of us were raised to consider others before

ourselves. You would rather spend your money on clothes for the kids, treats

for the party, plants for the house, or not spending an extra dime so that

your rent payment doesn't bounce.  This herd mentality life has become

unsatisfying to you and a discontent bubbling. Now those dreams of wealth,

great health, a bigger and better house in a better neighborhood,  your kids

off to college, a car that works, buying Organic and GMO free,  saving lots,

and taking exotic vacations with your spouse,  become dreams, disguised in

silence but manifesting in discontent, low mood, and a desperation of your

life frittering away in anonymity, mediocrity, paycheck to paycheck, and

with regret that you did not use your courage to   go after that life that

you would most love living. Your sadness is loudly amplified by your choice

to remain safe in the daily task doing, what society expects,  living in

poverty because everyone else does, and to fear  possible embarrassment  in

chasing your dreams and the certain failure coming with this  chase of that

elusive Rainbow. Aren't you glad that Thomas Edison didn't quit after 10,000

failures,  that Henry Ford  didn't quit after a decade of trying to build a

horseless  carriage with little progress, that Wilber and Orville didn't

quit in finding a contraption that could fly, and that Werner Von Braum

didn't quit  in inventing a craft that could travel to the Moon.  You are

here because unlike the masses driven by generational scarcity  and choosing

to remain in the safety of struggle and poverty, you have chosen, decided,

to taking a heart pounding  risk,  for living that life in your dreams. You

already know that dreams do really come true and not because of a Bill

Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffett, Kevin Harrington, Clint Eastwood,  Arnold,  or

Serena Williams. You see it daily with those quietly living life under their

demands  and expectations. They have chosen to design their  destinies  and

not to follow the  crowd into the expected struggles and stresses. Others,

like you, have chosen  to commit to that life in their dreams  and have

hired a Coach that they feel can get them there. No one talks about this,

but we have one physical presence, that we will  eventually die, and that

fear will deter us from turning that dream into actuality.  Fear  of

failing, fear of success, fear of embarrassment,  fear of living outside the

comfort zone, fear of being ridiculed by the herd,  fear of being different,

and any conjured fear(and only a mind construct) can give the alibi to

remaining in  the passionless discontent of mediocre. A near fatal car wreck

then an Assassin's bullet cemented my life on Earth. No longer considered

normal like you because both eyeballs were destroyed, I chose  the power of

a decision to commit to living my dream life.  I get to help people in 10

countries to live with high achievement and fulfillment  and my sacrifice

for doing so was exchanging my eyes for  it. Ironically and on the outside,

seemingly incongruous,  I actually got the better deal. Blindness is

inconvenient but without it I would not be living my dream life as a Coach

to businesses, families, and to  those craving and anxious to living their

own dreams. Blindness has brought S. T. Busby PhD into my life along with

marketing Guru and Talk Show host, Tony DUrso, and internationally known,

Debra Ruh of Ruh Global  and her popular podcast, Human Potential at Work.

Blindness was the spark for the creation of TKI, now in 10 countries, my

featured chapter in the Amazon bestseller, Elite Entrepreneurs,  and many

worldwide following my signature 9 step blueprint, Transforming Adversity

Into Opportunity(TAIO). My programs have proven results and reproducible

success, a formula that can be adapted to each individual and organization,

and countless now living their vision. So if it is your time and you feel

that this is right for you then contact me immediately. Your initial gift is

an absolutely Free, 45 minute Strategy session ,   that you can employ to

start your journey toward that dream life. And if you choose to take me on

as your Coach, the honor is still overwhelming  and my excitement as high as

yours.  So if you are feeling it, then do it now! Make 2018 your

Transformational year and you living that life in your dreams. 



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