End of January; start your engines.

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Hello, Bounce Back Blind Guy community. Dr. Randall George here and today's

Blind Sight Blog cuts to the core, is painful, and what you must face, right

now! This is  a new year  and your relationship could be dying and the flat

feelings felt and dispassionate language parsed, or the discontent unspoken.

You might be thinking of more colorful profanity or worse, resigned to

unhappiness. I am the Antithesis of a Divorce Lawyer for my intent is to

rekindle in you that passion and heartfelt focus that you had when first

dating or what you had early on in the marriage. That said, get right to it

and when you look at your spouse, is he/she the one that you want  to spend

the rest of your life with?  The answer here is Yes or No, and should be an

immediate response. If it is No, then leave immediately or make arrangements

to split and get on with the life that you are wanting. If, however, you

want to deepen the passion that you once had, deepen the love that was there

many Moons ago, ramp up the scintillating attraction and finally live that

romantic fantasy hidden in your brain, then listen up. Also contributing

here is Dr. Stephen Thomas Busby, Master Mentor, for we will Tag Team this

personal and highly volatile issue. The absolute first is to get brutally

honest with yourself  and on paper, write down in two lists, positive and

negative attributes. Next is to  write down your needs and for our purposes

there are 8 to document. 1. What gives you certainty or what do you need to

feel certain? 2. What do you need for novelty? 3. What makes you feel

significant? 4. What makes you feel loved or having a connection? 5. What

must you do to grow? 6. What do you need to do to give or contribute? 7.

What must you do to feel hope and to confirm your Faith? 8. What do you need

to do to believe that dreams do actually come true? Answer these questions

honestly, then review the ones that are not being met. When your needs are

not met, reflect on how you compensate   or retaliate in action and language

when your partner purposely neglects them. How you answer tells of your

story of how the world should work, yourself image, and the subconscious

convictions that dictate  99% of what you think, feel, and do. Do all of

this and now you are ready to engage your partner. Your now deeper knowledge

about yourself, certainly a revelation, has elevated your burgeoning

enlightenment  and has prepared you to becoming an Empathic listener or  one

with the ability to see and feel what another sees and feels. Now, if your

needs are not being met, could your partner's needs also being neglected?

Selfishness when outside of awareness, unconscious to you,  prevents needs

from being met, with the silent and insidious accumulation of discontent,

unhappiness, feeling of insignificance, and an emptiness prompting negative

behavior and language, or passionate love dying  or worse, transformed into

resentment and anger. Understand that your relationship is not just about

you and that the power of that dictatorial subconscious can narrowly  focus

your attention on your needs only. This is why, when you look at your Spouse

and answer, Yes, to a lifelong partnership,  then Love is not dead but

rather wanting to grow and expand. Here, Personal Need, #5, Growth, is

required for you both. First is to understand yourself and your needs and

fully realizing that your partner has those exact needs but with different

emphasis on each. Transformational Kaizen Institute for Personal

Freedom(TKI) has services that will be tailored to your unique circumstance

and the relationships advising that will open up years or a lifetime of

growing Bliss , contentment, and fulfillment. So if you are sick and tired

of being sick and tired, and depressed at living another unrewarding and

quietly desperate year, contact us immediately. As you know, your gift from

us is a Free 45 minute Strategy session with you totally relaxed and

confident that you have chosen  the best support for you.



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